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In the face of increased competition, industry challenges, and market fluctuations, Financial Advisors have identified the need to strengthen client relationships, provide broader services, and diversify product offerings. There is no better way to accomplish these goals than the addition of estate, business planning, and life insurance strategies to Advisors’ portfolios of services.

The challenge is to find partners who can leverage the Advisor’s time without diminishing their client control or quality of service. These partners must understand that the client relationship resides with the Advisor, not with the Specialist invited to help evaluate a specific need.

Advisors cannot afford to provide services based solely on expected commission revenue; they need to rely on partners who will provide professional expertise to every level of client, while providing the quality of advice the high net worth client has come to expect from professional Advisors.

Financial Advisors cannot be distracted in the delivery of a service outside of their primary expertise, and yet must provide this if they intend to achieve the desired level of client control and influence. The Advisor needs a single source for all issues related to life insurance including wealth transfer, wealth accumulation, and business continuation analyses. This single source must include professional assistance with high net worth clients, assistance with transactional insurance sales, including complete case management, underwriting, placement, and tracking of life insurance sales.

TIME works closely with clients' existing professional advisors, as well as with premiere estate planning and business attorneys to implement designs developed in these planning processes:

Meeting Wealth Transfer Needs of High Net Worth Clients
Estate Planning
Business Planning
Charitable Planning
Life Insurance Evaluation and Implementation
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